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  Welcome to Virtual Ink Interactive. We specialize in advanced software development, end-to-end information technology (IT) services and business processing improvement. We combine the latest technologies with our own unique expertise and innovation to create quality software solutions for our clients. The solutions that we provide support Inter-Intra-Extranets of company of any size and lead to a genuine competitive advantage in today changing market place.

  We are located in Calgary, Alberta home of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth; The Calgary Stampede. Calgary is the second largest centre for head offices in Canada. The industrial base includes energy (largely oil and gas), agriculture, manufacturing, R&D, advanced technology and tourism.

  Also, if you have time check out my personal search engine. This allows you to add links so that you or others can search it similar to a search engine but you decide what is index. Check it out.

  Data Removal Service - Is your company at risk? Click here to read more about how hard drive information is something to worry about.


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