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  How to disable root on Synology SSH/OpenSSH

  December 28, 2014 - With a good complex password, you can slow down a brute force attack to a put point that the attacker gives up. However, given enough time and resources in it may still be possible and the last thing you want is someone getting into your Synology accessing the terabytes of data that you have stored. ... Full Story  

  Seller Beware! Hard Drive Info May Not be Gone!

  February 1, 2003 - Time to throw out that old hard drive? With the advancement of technology, hard drives are becoming increasingly cheaper. To make way for that newer, faster and most important of all, larger hard drive, many people are either just throwing out their old hard drives or they try to sell it. From a recent survey, by market research firm Dataquest, more than 150 million disk drives were pulled from their primary service in 2002, in increase from 130 milling in 2001. The question now is, what is on your hard drive when you throw or sell it away? ... Full Story

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